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Bouche Baby’s New Baby to Toddler Feeding System (Canadian Feature)

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Journeys of The Zoo’s I Am Canadian Feature Guest Post
for December is… Bouche Baby!

My name is Donna. I’m a mother to two toddlers, a law firm marketing executive by day, and an entrepreneur at night. My husband Mark (a technology executive) and I are busy professionals with active lifestyles that now revolve around our beloved son Ryan Zachary, our Bouche Baby, and our daughter Chloe Maya. When Ryan was a baby, we nicknamed him Bouche (mouth in French) because we fell in love with his perfect, tiny lips. Now that he’s a strong-minded boy, the name still fits – for other reasons.

Our new company, Bouche Baby Inc. just launched a new baby-to toddler feeding system which includes the Take N’ Shake bottle with integrated formula compartment. The response has been overwhelming and we already have vendor agreements with major retailers. We are committed to producing ultra-safe and convenient baby products to make the lives of busy parents (like us) as easy as possible. Our products are also visually appealing and easy for babies to use and enjoy. Family happiness and peace of mind are our goals.

Take N’ Shake

When Ryan and Chloe were babies, preparing bottles of formula on the go was a very messy undertaking, requiring the use of plastic bags and separate containers. With the Take N’ Shake Feeding Bottle, mixing formula doesn’t get any easier. You simply add pre-measured formula to the compartment, attach the sieve, add water into the bottle, seal, and go. When you’re ready to feed your baby, simply unscrew, flip, shake, and serve. The specially designed sieve ensures no formula clumps. Check out this How-To video.

This doctor-approved, ultra-safe system is BPA-free, includes colic prevention nipples, and has passed international safety standards. This safe, convenient, multi-stage baby to toddler feeding system is also baby approved. In independent focus groups, babies and toddlers selected this bottle over others due to its whimsical, toy-like colours and design.

The system is designed to follow the baby through to the toddler years as it easily converts to a standard bottle when formula is no longer required. In addition, it also can be used as a sippy cup, so the transition from baby to toddler is even more seamless because of the familiarity with the look and feel of the product. This is a great value for parents as no new bottle or sippy cup will need to be purchased since the system can be used from birth up to 3 years.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, the bottles are also the easiest on the market to clean as the base can be easily removed. Additional formula compartments and standard baby feeding bottles (without formula compartments) are also available.

We believe the Take N ‘Shake baby to toddler feeding system will change lives. This unique bottle is so expertly designed, it can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time, and can also be used as both a conventional bottle and a sippy cup. It’s simple to use, the easiest to clean, and is very well received by babies and toddlers as it looks like a toy.

You can purchase the product line at Also available on-line at Babies R’ Us, Walmart, Walgreens/,, Sears and Kmart.

Bouche Baby Family PhotoDonna and her husband lead busy, active lifestyles that revolve around their son Ryan, Daughter Chloe and their third “baby” Bouche Baby. We are committed to producing ultra safe and convenient baby products to make the lives of busy parents as easy as possible. Family happiness and peace of mind are our goals.

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A Big Thanks to Donna for Guest Posting.


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10 thoughts on “Bouche Baby’s New Baby to Toddler Feeding System (Canadian Feature)

  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    this sounds like a super new idea. Have baby will travel but now without the complications should you be feeding formula. I like the idea immensely, a well thought out design, congratulations.

  2. loriag

    What a great idea. I loved the video, the music, the idea. I really hope you do well with it. I also love the story of the nickname of Ryan.

  3. Tara Gauthier

    My kids are no longer babies but having formula fed my son for 7 months I sure wish I had one of these back then. It would have made it much easier!


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