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Get Everything you Need for Canada Day and Every Day at Giant Tiger

Canada Day-Giant Tiger-Artemis1We like to party. A lot.

In Mexico, we often go to 1, 2, 3 or even 4 parties in one day. One day. While life in Canada isn’t quite the same, Canadians still know how to party; weddings, anniversaries, graduations and one of my favourites birthdays. In case you didn’t know, in just over a week, Canada will be turning 148 and that’s more than enough reason for us to get our fiesta on.

For the past 5 years, we’ve headed over to Chuck and Michelle’s for a Canada Day extravaganza. This year, The Kids wanted to get in the festive spirit so I knew exactly where to head… our favourite one-stop-store, Canadian-owned Giant Tiger.

Activities for the Whole Family

Keeping The Kids busy all day can be as easy as giving them bubbles, pinwheels and flags (wind optional) or require a bit more family involvement. While they play well on their own or as a team, they love it when the whole family gets involved. So, a game of pickup soccer followed by a cooling down with the inflatable sprinkler ball will definitely be in order. Since Chuck and Michelle have a pool, we’ll also be enjoying our floating lounge chair and pool noodles.

Canada Day-Giant Tiger-Playing Soccer

If you’re the kind of person that prefers to relax and enjoy the “19th hole”, put your feet up in one of their camping chairs and enjoy a beverage in some camping crystal. The important thing is to get out there and have fun, whatever fun means to you.

Canada Day-Giant Tiger-Inflatable Sprinkler Ball

Appetizers and Grub for a Crowd

Our Canada Day party is a pop-luck affair that starts at noon and continues on until after the fireworks. For appetizers, I’m taking these family favourite mini banana oatmeal muffins*, chips and salsa as well as maple creme cookies and red fish gummies (just to make sure that we’ll be invited back next year).

Canada Day-Giant Tiger-Appetizers

For lunch we’ll be enjoying sausages, buns, and my favourite food group; chips. Dinner will include fresh corn, baked potatoes and hamburgers. The good news is that I can get everything I need for the whole party at Giant Tiger!

Apparel for Every day Use

It doesn’t need to be Canada Day for The Kids to be decked out in red, white and maple leafs. In fact, this year, they both pulled out their gear in late May for the Dandelion Festival. Since Artemis laid eyes on this cute friendship t-shirt, she’s worn nothing else. The great news is that for around $15, she’s decked out in festive attire that she can wear all year long.

Canada Day-Giant Tiger-Clothing

This weeks flyer is full of apparel ideas for kids to women and men from head to toe and all of it is perfect for Summer; sandals, socks, shorts, t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, dresses, leis, tattoos, bracelets, the list goes on.

Canada Day Giant Tiger Products

This year, I’ve made a personal pledge to donate $1 Dollar a Day in support of Canadian charities, causes and people as well as those that support others and I’m proud to say that Giant Tiger is one of those companies. As a key sponsor, from June 29 to July 12, Giant Tiger will allow customers to purchase an Operation Santa Claus Icon for $2. Proceeds will help bring Christmas to members of the Canadian military serving overseas.

Whether you’re having a party of your own or enjoying the day at home with family, Giant Tiger wants you to get in on the action so they’re giving away a $25 gift card!

Giant Tiger Gift Card5

Celebrate Canada Day with Giant Tiger and WIN!

* Note that all of the muffin ingredients can be found at Giant Tiger. I switched out regular milk for almond milk.

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Besos, The Zoo

229 thoughts on “Get Everything you Need for Canada Day and Every Day at Giant Tiger

  1. Donnas

    I’d buy solar lights with my $25 Giant Tiger gift card, specifically the Westinghouse LED Colour-Select Solar Pathlight.

  2. Clare Korth

    With the $25 gift card, I would get:
    Flagpole kit – $15
    Baseball cap – $7
    Straw Hat – $3
    Awesome. Thanks Sarah for the chance to win 🙂 Have a great day!!

  3. lisa rumolo

    I’d buy a bbq cover $10 and a junior smocked knee length dress $9. I’d also check out the bargain bin at the cash.

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  5. Layne Austin

    I would buy new patio lights for my front porch! I have a horrible time getting up the steps when I come home at night!

  6. Treen Goodwin

    I would by a SPAW Pet Car Seat Protector – in Black … this would be awesome for my backseat 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  7. Louanne Baelde

    With the $25 Giant Tiger’s Gift Card, I would buy four Canada Day Hats for our grandchildren!! Our little sweeties would love them!!!

  8. Bailey Dexter

    I would pick up some groceries for a great celebration and for everyone to enjoy! But first I would download the Giant Tiger App for more savings!


    If I won I would buy – $12.00 Candy Couture Junior-Fit Smock Maxi Dress
    Product #706765 & $12.00 – N.W.D. Ladies Scallop Print Maxi Dress
    Product #712245!!!

  10. Linda Markell

    If I won a Giant Tiger $25 gift certificate…I would take a picture of me holding it, put on fb. Then shop for food items and have the family over for barbeque hot dogs/hamburgers. =) Thanks for the opportunity.

  11. dougo13

    They have no presence in my city and I’ve never ordered from them so I’ll have to look at their website. Thanks for the contest…

  12. Jason

    I would buy these lovely peaches -


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