Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What’s For Dinner?

The kids have been eating solids (2-3 times a day) for almost 3 months. In the morning, they have cereal with a fruit. They absolutely love banana and are able to eat a whole one between the two of them. We try to work it that we all eat dinner together (it’s a bit of an organizational nightmare). We generally feed them some of what we’re having; tortiere, pork with vegetables, chicken breast (a real favourite), vegetables, you name it. The latest guidelines (they change all the time) is that they can eat anything except honey (until one year as it can carry botulism). We will be slowly introducing peanut butter as Ed has a nut allergy (not because peanut butter isn’t allowed).

I think that Max would be happy if mommy and daddy fed him a bottle for the rest of his life. He’s not much interested in eating, whether we feed him or not. The one exception is pancakes, he could eat them all day!

Artemis is the polar opposite. She loves to feed herself and can she eat (she must have a hollow leg like her mother). The latest concoction is pureed potatoes/squash/yams/carrots with a hard boiled egg yolk and olive oil (both for extra calories). She eats more than twice what Max eats. Her favourite would have to be bananas.

After their meal, they get to play with their spoons (one of Max’s favourite activities, followed closely by throwing his spoon on the floor and staring at it, willing it to rise up). We’re at the point where we’ll have to move their chairs further apart as they like to get into each others space and it makes for very messy eating. We just bought them matching (booster) high chairs this week and it’s made our life easier (another one had a large tray that wouldn’t store anywhere and usually got tripped on).

They’re still getting their bottle first (followed by food) but shortly we’ll be switching that (maybe not for Artemis as she needs the extra calories and breast milk is richer than solids). We’ll see what the doctor says. They must be going through a growth splurt because for the past week, they have increased their intake by over one ounce (30ml) a feed (Max is at 8oz, Artemis is at 7oz). I’m working hard to keep up with the demand, thankfully I have a lot of frozen milk.

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