Monday, September 22, 2014

When Life Hands You Cake Mix Bake Cookies. Cupcakes. Whatever

The other day, Ed took The Kids over to Uncle Mike’s*. I needed to get some stuff done around the house and with two kids that want to help (the way that they want to help) it makes it difficult to get anything done.

The hour was a huge success (besides the fact that I didn’t manage to complete my main goal of showering) and by the time they got to the front door, my slate was clean.

And then they walked IN the door.

Each child was carrying so many boxes that it looked like the Headless Horseman had gotten to them. And like they didn’t have enough toys already, Ed also had a few bags slung over each shoulder.

Max wanted to tell me all about the marble run** he received and Artemis couldn’t stop talking about the cookies that we were going to bake and decorate with her Easy Bake Decorating Sensation Frosting Pen.

Easy Bake Decorating Pen


To say that I don’t cook or bake is an understatement. Well, there was that one other time and let’s just say that it didn’t turn out very well. But, to see the look of excitement on Artemis’ face I knew that there was no way that I could say “No”.

Fortunately, Rene and the gang were coming over for a visit the next day and Rene knows how to bake really well. So, she made and brought coloured frosting (I don’t even have sugar or whatever you would need to make it) and I dusted off a box of cake mix that I had. Cake mix. Cookie mix. Close enough.

By this point, I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing that I’m thinking…

Easy Bake Decorating Pen-Watching Oven

“Where’s the Easy Bake Oven?”

I hear you.

Oh well, nothing lost because we had all the fixings we needed and were ready to go.

Except for one little thing. Apparently you have to add eggs and vegetable oil to the cake mix.


Of course we had eggs but I never have vegetable oil. While I’m quick to substitute things (like cake mix for cookie mix), I knew that olive oil just wouldn’t cut it. So we came up with “Plan B”… applesauce. Except, The Kids had eaten the last serving that morning and I didn’t have any apples.

Of course not.

Am I the only person that doesn’t have the ingredients necessary to whip up a batch of cookies. That was a rhetorical question.

So, unfortunately, cookie baking would have to wait for another “sleep”.

In the morning, before I even had my eyes open, Artemis was shaking me and asking if today was the day that we were going to decorate cookies. Why are kids like elephants?

Easy Bake Decorating Pen-Elephant Cookie Cutter

I got myself dressed, grabbed my list and headed to the store for the remaining ingredient; vegetable oil. Except, I’d forgotten to put it on the list. You can see where this is heading.

By this point, I’m back home and while I’m cutting up apples to MAKE APPLESAUCE, I’m thinking, “The Kids are never, ever going over to Uncle Mikes again!”

After I make the applesauce, mix up the cake and make 53 temperature adjustments for the fact that I’m making cookies*** with cake mix, I’m ready to actually look at this thing that started it all the …

…Easy Bake Decorating Pen

Did I mention that it uses batteries.

In case you’re keeping track, this pen, herein referred to as the “bane of my existence” has taken up two days of my time, gotten me out of bed two hours early, caused me to make a special trip into the store (a 20-minute drive each way), make applesauce and bake a cake. Cookie. Whatever.

But luck was on my side because we have batteries. In fact, we have industrial quantities of batteries. You see, Ed recently went to a golf tournament (no, he doesn’t actually golf) and won a 60-pack of batteries.

Ha ha pen, you will not get me this time!

Did I mention that the screws were two inches deep and so tiny that only an eye glasses screwdriver with an extra long arm could get them out.

By this point, I’m wondering if Artemis would be willing to accept a unicorn in exchange for making cookies because clearly I had a better chance of giving her that than anything decorated with the pen.

Yes, the pen. Are you loving it as much as I am?

Easy Bake Decorating Pen-Decorating

We managed to get the battery door off but couldn’t get it back on. So, the deal was that if Artemis wanted to use it then she had to hold the back on while also pressing down on the button to make the lever move and dispense the icing. Note to self, never buy anything that has an 8-page user manual.

Have I lost you yet?

When all was said and done, I had a daughter that was asking me when we could make cookies, cake, cupcakes, whatever, again.

Mission accomplished.

Easy Bake Decorating Pen-Cupcake

Ever Had Something Not Quite Go Your Way
But Turn Out Okay in the End?

Disclosure: This is in no way a sponsored post. At all. Not even a smidgen.

P.S. Always have a backup plan to the backup plan and make cupcakes!

P.P.S. Yes, I’m thinking what you’re thinking.

* Note that names may have been changed. Or not.
** I plan on buying Max this Wooden Quadrilla Marble Run Set for his birthday.
*** May I suggest that you don’t use cake mix as a replacement for cookie mix. Just trust me on this one.

40 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Cake Mix Bake Cookies. Cupcakes. Whatever

  1. Amy Lovell

    Hilarious adventure!~ Ive def had things like this happen before! For example last night I made tacos and than realized once they were done there were no taco shells so we had ours on lettuce!

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Amy,

      Looking back, it was hilarious. Okay, in the middle of things it was funny too. I mean really, could anything more go wrong? Don’t answer that.

      As for your lack of taco shells, can’t help you there. I would have substituted it for bread or pita and had neither. See.

      Besos, Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…Death Should Come with a ManualMy Profile

  2. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom

    What an ordeal… lol. Yes, this sounds like my life most of the time. I think there’s a lesson to be learned when things go like this… I just don’t get the lesson 100% of the time. Patience? Perseverance? Trust? Faith? Prayer?

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…Play DatingMy Profile

  3. Amanda @TheMommyMix

    Your posts always make me sit on the edge of my seat wanting to know what’s going to happen next and I swear I almost woke my 2 year old up with laughing so loud. I do agree that they make toys a little hard to open, even taking them out of the package can be a HUGE challenge. I’m glad that in the end, everything worked out and your little one was happy!
    Amanda @TheMommyMix recently posted…One-Day Parenting Workshop With Alyson Schafer in WInnipeg #GiveawayMy Profile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Amanda,

      Glad that you didn’t wake up your 2-year-old and had a good laugh. Laughing uses a lot of face muscles. Wish it was stomach muscles because then I’d laugh all the time.

      Unfortunately, Artemis was so happy that she wants to do it again. As in EVERY DAY again. Sigh.

      Besos, Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…Is This Considered Good Funeral Etiquette?My Profile

  4. Soozle

    Hahah! That is a great story :)) Maybe you need to look at getting an Easy bake oven from Artemis – you cant go wrong with a prepackaged cookie mix that cooks with a lightbulb….. well, I guess you could go horribly wrong ; but it would make for another great post 🙂

  5. Tammy B

    Always love reading your posts.. I love to bake… I make cookies from cake mix all the time…no oil…I had a hollie hobby oven as a kid and now have an easy bake oven for my daughter.. baking just got better…
    Have a great day, see you next week #BlissDom. .

    Cheers, Tammy
    Tammy B recently posted…#DashGrab Universal Phone Mount ReviewMy Profile

  6. Julie Dyer

    “I don’t even have sugar or whatever you would need to make it” Ha! You kill me. 🙂 Love to see more of your adventures in baking. 🙂 And I *may* know someone who could make good use of that pen. #lovesmygadges
    Julie Dyer recently posted…Fall is for…My Profile

    1. Sarah Post author

      Dear Julie,

      Just so we’re clear on things, I was serious when I said “sugar and whatever”. I have no clue.

      I totally forgot that I baked one other time and even blogged about it. Clearly I didn’t learn from that experience,

      I’ll ask Artemis what she wants to do with her pen. I know that I want to do with it.

      Besos, Sarah
      Sarah recently posted…Discover the Benefits of Investing in RESPs with Heritage Education FundsMy Profile

  7. Elva Roberts

    My dear woman: (certainly not meant to be a putdown as I sometimes call my girls that) I’ve had lots and lots and lots of things go wrong-like the first time I baked bread and did not put yeast in it, and wondered why it did not rise like my Mother-in-law’s?!
    Many hundreds of episodes later, not all in baking, I realize that the sun still rises the next day and the world goes on its own merry way , even if I have made a small or large gaffe.
    So one solution is to take it in stride, laugh at it and entertain others with your mishap(make them feel so competent,
    so a good deed, I think)
    Hugs and good luck on your next baking foray@

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    It really does brighten up my day when I read posts like this, I had a really good laugh, thanks for sharing the fun with us all. 🙂

  9. Rene

    Well in the end they turned out pretty nice looking? You even have sprinkles! 😉
    A huge thank you to Uncle Mike for yet another barrel (cookie sheet?) of laughs!

  10. Jennifer M

    OMG Sarah!! LOLOL you kill me! Nothing like making it even harder by making your own apple sauce! You’re a trooper!

  11. Shawna P

    Too funny! When I was a kid all I had was the Easy Bake Oven and it was a plug in with an incandescent light bulb. Life was easier then.

  12. HEIDI C.

    Most things that I set out to do tend to take very jagged courses but, ultimately, after a lot of laughs and maybe the occasional gentle cursing, they tend to work out for the best.

  13. Rachel G

    hahaha–oh man, what an interesting adventure. I’m thinking that pen is the sort of toy that should never have been invented. I’m rather good at ingredient substitution and “faking it” because I hate grocery shopping, but that whole cupcake fiasco sounds like it was quite the ordeal!
    Rachel G recently posted…Saturday Morning with AT&TMy Profile

  14. Nena Sinclair

    Great job, Artemis! Lol, actually I think the pen is a great idea…then again…I’m not the one having to help a child accomplish the goal of using it! 🙂

  15. Debbie S.

    Awesome story, made me smile and I really needed that today. Thank you! And those look absolutely delicious!


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