Monday, January 27, 2014

Teach Your Baby Sign Language With Tiny Talkers

Tiny Talkers Baby Sign Language HeaderSign language has always intrigued me.

As a teen, a bunch of friends and I took a sign language course. I can’t remember much of it now but I know that we could carry on a basic conversation and that we enjoyed it. Not only for the challenge but the ability to talk about the boys behind their backs.

While I was pregnant, I read a lot about Baby Sign Language. I didn’t pursue any classes or workbooks because I figured I had enough on my plate with three babies to look after.

By the time The Kids were ready to communicate, I wasn’t. They were frustrated because they had something to say but didn’t know how to say it. I watched the other Mothers sign with their kids and wished that I had taken a baby sign language class such as Tiny Talkers.

In the end, I taught them a few signs and made up a few more. It was really interesting to see how quickly The Kids picked them up and Artemis remembers a few of them to this day!

Tiny Talkers teaches American Sign Language (ASL). It is our belief that making up your own language as some other baby sign language programs encourage could present problems if you want others to understand your baby’s signs. Many people know American Sign Language including caregivers at daycare centers.

The 2.5 hour webcast allows you to stop, start and rewind at your own leisure all from within the comfort of your own home. In addition, Tiny Talkers is the only sign language webcast that offers personalized email support at no extra charge. You receive all of this and so much more, including downloadable PDFs all for the low fee of $35!

If you are pregnant or have a young child, keep your options open and look into baby sign language. The flexibility and personalized support of Tiny Talkers might be just what you and your baby need. Enter to win a Webcast Session.

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40 thoughts on “Teach Your Baby Sign Language With Tiny Talkers

  1. Huri Kouzouyan

    I’m amazed at how quickly babies learn and how less frustrating a crying fit can be with sign language!

  2. Darlene Schuller

    Oh wow, babies as young as 6 months old can learn sign language even though they can’t talk yet! I didn’t know that!!

  3. andie

    I learned that you can hold a teaching seminar in your own home if you have at least four participants. The price is the same as for schools, organizations etc per person.

  4. Marianne

    I like that it can be used from 6mo forward. I’m soon to delivery my 3rd child, and my second was born hearing impaired… and we were encouraged NOT to sign from my ENT — very frustrating until her surgery at 15mo old.

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  6. Larissa V

    i love all the great benefits that i didn’t realize, talk earlier, have a larger vocabulary, higher IQ! all great reason to teach your baby how to sign!

  7. DelRae H

    I learned that a baby as young as 6months can sign! I thought that I was just supposed to start introducing the signs at that age and that it would be a while for him to sign back but ugh maybe I should have started sooner. This course would be a great way for me to speed up the learning process for me!

  8. Shannon B

    I love that signing helps with raising your child’s IQ and increases your baby’s ability to pay attention!

  9. Victoria Carlson

    I learned that when children use sign language, the child’s IQ and ability to pay attention is increased.

  10. amber y

    I learned that they will do workshops in your home (which is fantastic) and that if you can get 6 or more people to attend you’ll get your (the host) fee waived (even better! haha)

  11. Jen T

    I’ve wanted to learn for a while now and I had no idea that this class was offered on line and the price is not too bad.

  12. paul mccluskey

    Using sign language with your baby lessens frustration, crying, and tantrums, is scientifically proven to build more brain function and raise your child’s IQ and increases your baby’s ability to pay attention and listen by teaching them in infancy to stop, look, and listen to what is being said or shown.

  13. margaret peg m

    Emotionally, your child will be more stable since their needs are being met…and we can be more stable parents.

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