Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ivy League or Juvenile Hall?

Today the kids were in the kitchen debating the upcoming election fighting over this:

when Artemis finally let Max have it and went into the living room to scheme for quiet reflection. Shortly thereafter, she returned with Max’s (current) favourite toy:

which she handed to him. I thought wow, I’ll have to blog about this “first sharing episode”… NOT.

The second he dropped the first toy, she grabbed it and headed for the hills but not before giving me her “I am so much smarter than he” smile.

So, Ivy League or Juvenile Hall?

In case you sometimes think that I’ve forgotten about you (how could I possibly forget about you?), don’t worry, Ed checks the blog regularly to see what I’ve written about him to ensure that I feed the voracious appetite of my loyal followers.

Happy Easter.

P.S. Today, I’m loving strikethroughs!

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