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Lil’ Alice Delivers Stylish and Quality Etsy Totes and Bags

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Quality Craftsmanship. Stylish. Colourful and Fun!

Those are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Lil’ Alice.

That and “Kid in a Candy Shop” because that’s what I felt like when I started looking around her Etsy Shop. Just you wait.

A little bit about “Lil’ Alice”…

Growing up my nickname was lil’ alice. I was a lot like my Grandma Alice. When she passed away from cancer in August 2004, I inherited her sewing machine, a few tubs full of fabric, many with the tags still on.

After years of making odd and end things, in October of 2009, I bought my first pattern for $2 and made an apron. Over the year, I improved it and then made a tote for a birthday party.

And so it began. In January 2012, lil’ alice™ became a business!

Here in Ontario, Canada, we (generally) have to pay for our plastic grocery bags. Five cents a bag. I’ve been using black, boring, and poorly made fabric bags that tear after a few uses. That is until I received this tote bag with matching coupon case.

Now I’m Shopping in Style!


The quality of all the products including the tote was top notch. It appeared machine made even though it’s handmade with a machine. Can you see from the pictures how straight the lines are?

From looking at it, it’s hard to believe that it’s made of a tyvek-like material. Especially given it’s snazzy design. I took a wet cloth to it but it hardly felt wet even though it’s porous.

The base and handles are self supporting causing the bag to stand up on it’s own! A real advantage when you have two kids to hold onto leaving no hands for loading (smile). The bag holds tons of food yet folds up to fit in your hand.

The matching coupon case is brilliant. I’m always forgetting my coupons and/or losing them in the bottom of my non-existent purse. Note that I added the carbineer. It attaches nicely to the tag on the case. Something for Alice to consider, perhaps?

Next up was the reusable snack bags which I think should be called “adorable bags for every occasion”. Seeing as they were lined with an easy to wipe fabric, you could use them for your makeup or toiletries. With tons of beautiful fabrics to choose from, you might not be so willing to give them to the kids.

Measuring at 5.5×7″, two cups of Cheerios fit in the bag with room to spare. I liked that the inside liner didn’t have any crevices or creases for food to hide in. When we’re driving to Mexico, sometimes all I can do is wipe the bag down until we get to our final destination.

Last but not least is the coin purse a.k.a. My New Wallet. For the past five years, I’ve been using a much smaller coin purse for all my cards, money and coin. Given all the cards I carry around now, it was too small to fit everything, however, I didn’t want to go to a “traditional wallet”. This works perfectly!

I really can’t say enough great things about my experience with all of the products. I love that they’re Made in North America, Michigan to be exact and the larger items are marked as such. Along with the lil’ alice tag, a really nice touch. Well worth the money.

Give the Gift of Homemade with Lil’ Alice Etsy Totes and Bags!

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Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo received a copy of this product(s) that enabled us to complete this review.

31 thoughts on “Lil’ Alice Delivers Stylish and Quality Etsy Totes and Bags

  1. Rene Beaubien

    This stuff is beautiful and I love the fabrics – stylish and functional! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the tote bag on her Etsy shop, FB or website. Is this something that is not yet available for sale?

    1. Katy

      Rene, thank you! I am working on updating the Etsy shop. Due to shows & Open houses a lot of things sold. I have two fabrics left for the Market Totes & I will be updating this weekend.

  2. Kristen

    Love that shopping bag. The fabric choices look great.

    Here in Quebec, we have to pay 5 cents a bag as well. Some grocery stores have completely removed them from their stores!

    1. Katy

      Kristen, thank you! Reusable bags are big in the states although we are not without. Some stores charge & some give a -5 cents if you bring your own.

  3. Jodi Shaw

    Omg I love the blue wallet. That’s what I use, not a traditional wallet. I love wallets like this because there is lots of times you need more than one card and this is perfect 🙂

    1. Katy

      thank you! all the extra work is fun & over time the brand has evolved to this. michigan was hit hard by the economy down fall & having a made in michigan tag on my items made people smile. it’s nice to know where things are made!

    1. Katy

      yes, it’s a very green looking bag! these are very sturdy & hold great things. at the beginning of the school year, my sons teachers received one of these with their requested classroom items.

  4. Shari G

    WOW!! I love what she does! So gorgeous, and beautifully made!

    Thanks for linking up and all the support you give other bloggers 🙂

    1. Katy

      THANK YOU! i will be updating my etsy shop this weekend. i had an open house & shows & then the sun starting shining in michigan & spring/summer temps arrived & i have been slacking. and i work outside of the home too. but that’s no excuse. stay tuned.

  5. Katy

    Thank you so much for such the kind comments & love! You did a great job on the review. I am very critical of my work & voices run through my head on how it’s not perfect enough, but i know it is. It’s lovely to read that others recognize my hard work, although it doesn’t feel like that. It’s more fun than it is work!

    My shop is getting updated this weekend.

    If you see something that you like in the pics above please contact me, i’m sure i have it on the shelves, it’s just not listed yet!

    By the way, the pictures are great. I will be sharing this review on my blog & I will be posting some comments under a review section that is currently getting worked on.

    1. Katy

      Tara, thank you! The zipper is great because it doesn’t collect dirt and junk plus I have a slight obsession with zippers.


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