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Tilda Legendary Rice is an Aromatic Explosion!

We eat a lot of basmati rice. Probably five times a week and the other two days it’s pizza and pasta. Yes, that much.

It’s my go to side dish because the kids love it and it’s easy to prepare in my rice cooker.

The only thing that would be easier would be to put it in the microwave for two minutes but that’s not possible. Or is it?

Tilda Canada Rice Choices

Introducing Tilda Legendary Rice!

If I could share with you the aromatic and authentic smells that this rice exudes, I would because it’s a taste for your senses. And, I’d be a gazillionaire.

The Pilau Steamed Rice is delicately infused with Indian spices and made me feel like I was in an Indian restaurant. You could taste each of the ingredients on the label with the added benefit of no artificial flavours, preservatives and it’s Gluten free! I was impressed that you could clearly see the cumin seeds (pictured). The Mushroom rice was just as impressive in taste but the nutrition facts are what really caught my attention.

Tilda Canada Rice Collage

If you’re concerned about fat, calories and sodium, there was no comparison between the leading brands “seasoned rice side dish” and Tilda. The calories were more than three times greater as was the sodium and the fat was twice as much in the leading brand. Tilda was the healthier choice by far.

The Pure Basmati Rice was the one variety that didn’t impress. While the aroma was lovely, both Ed and I would have liked it to have tasted saltier. Then again, it has 1/5 of the sodium content of the other varieties. A definite plus if you need to watch your sodium levels.

Tilda Canada Found at Food Basics

We live in a small town (population 4,000) so I was really excited to find that my local grocery store, Food Basics, carried all four varieties.

Considering there are only two servings per package (250g), I found that $2.99 (per package) to be expensive for regular meals for a family of four.

However, when we entertain, it would be well worth the price to buy a few packages, throw them in the microwave only minutes before dinner and voila, instant fancy rice that isn’t burned! There is definitely a price to getting to spend less time in the kitchen and more with friends. If it was just Ed and I, we would definitely eat this product at least one a week.

I’m not very daring in the kitchen, however, rice doesn’t only have to be for dinner. Tilda has tons of lunch and even breakfast recipes. I know!?

If you’re a lover of rice or appreciate something a little different, Tilda Legendary Rice is definitely a product that you should try.

Tilda Legendary Rice is an Aromatic Explosion!

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218 thoughts on “Tilda Legendary Rice is an Aromatic Explosion!

  1. Mercedes R. Donis

    I recently discovered these! My favorite is the coconut and lemongrass one. I'm a new follower from the Bloglovin' hop. Your babies are so cute! I have multiples, too–b/g twins that just turned one.

  2. Tammy

    I think I would like to try unusual basmati croquette with sweet corn centre served with a hot tangy sauce and the Turkey Jambalaya, perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers!!

  3. Salleefur/Jesselyn/Jesster

    It would probably be faster and easier to name the items I would be least interested in trying… but a few that immediately caught my eye (as we happen to adore LAMB) would be the
    Lamb Biryani, Chunky Lamb Chili and the MOROCCAN BAKED LAMB WITH SAFFRON RICE (and the Spicy Cauliflower and the Traditional Rice Pakoras!)

    jesselyn A/jesstinger

  4. Tava

    Wow, there’s a lot of delicious looking food on the website but I have all the ingredients for the Spicy Cauliflower with Coconut Rice on hand so I think that’s what for dinner side dish tonight nom nom

  5. Viv Sluys

    TRADITIONAL RICE PAKORAS sounds delicious. I’ve done vegetable pakoras, which didn’t turn out great but this recipe seems much better

  6. Lori Bazan

    Tilda Wholegrain Basmati Rice, Chilli and Courgette Fritters with Minty Yoghurt Dip–looks easier to make than it sounds. Will try for sure!

  7. Christy Martin

    The Unusual Basmati Croquette With Sweet Corn Centre Served With A Hot Tangy Sauce sounds really good & different than any dish I would make.

  8. jenny brooke erin

    Rice is my favorite carb food! Hehe, I would love to try the
    Rice & Mincemeat Filo Tarts! I never thought about putting rice into tarts! neat

  9. Kellie Jacobs

    I love this rice but have never seen the single servings before. I would love to try these!!! The recipes look very good too. I will definitely be trying some of them!!

  10. Alexa Nernberg

    I would like to try the Spicy Cauliflower with Coconut Rice recipe from Tilda’s website. Thanks for sponsoring this yummy giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  11. Cheryl P

    Will START with classic chicen curry…..they all look so good, maybe we should work our way through the whole list!


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