Monday, December 13, 2010

One-Year Check-up

Today the kids had their one-year doctors’ check-up. Max weighed 19lbs, 11oz (8.94kg) an increase of 1lb, 6oz since September 20 (he’s in the 75% percentile). Artemis weighed 16lbs, 2oz (7.31kg) an increase of 1lbs12oz since October 19 (she’s now on the chart in the 5% percentile).

They’ve come a long way since they were only 3lbs,8oz and 3lbs, 1oz one year ago. Other than that, nothing to report from their visit.

Today Max kept standing up. He loves it and is more confident than his sister. Any day now he’ll be taking his first step. And we thought that we were in trouble before…

On Thursday (December 16), they will be 10 months adjusted, however, as previously mentioned, they’ve caught up to their corrected age (one year).

Today, Ed got the plates, paperwork and certification for our “new” van (yah!). Tomorrow’s plan is to pack and we’ll leave for Toronto on Wednesday. Only 3 more sleeps until we’re on our way.

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