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Find Out How You Can Save Money with Yak Home Phone Service

Yak Home Phone VOIP-Welcome

UPDATE (Oct 2019). We have been with Yak for four years now! Time flies when you’re having fun. The company was purchased by Distributel in September 2016, however, our transition has been seamless. We continue to split our time between Canada and Mexico and our phone service wouldn’t even know it. Definitely a company that we still recommend.

Ever get the feeling that you’re paying too much for your home phone service?

Did you know that there is an option out there that allows you to spend less than $20 a month with no contract to sign, no set-up fees and the service can move with you where you go. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Read on to find out why we chose Yak Communications for our home phone service and enter to win 6-months of phone service and a $50 Prepaid Gift Card!

We’ve had a VOIP based home phone service since 2007 and recently moved over to Yak Communications Premium Plan for a variety of reasons; it cost 30% less for even more services, they offer the “On the Road” feature that we require, they’re contract free and the best part, Canadian!

Yak Home Phone Service-Plans

If you haven’t heard of the term before, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a mixture of hardware and software solutions that enables a person to use the Internet to make telephone calls. Assuming you have reliable high speed internet, you can receive and make phone calls; From Home, Another Persons Home or On the Road anywhere in the world! Here are a few reasons why we initially chose a VOIP home phone service.

From Home
Your current phone system (traditional or VOIP) will function exactly as it currently does. You will not need to make any changes to the way you call nor will people who are calling have any idea you’ve changed over. The only thing different is the addition of a small piece of hardware at your high speed internet (or wireless modem) location. That’s it.

From Another Persons Home
When we go to Mexico, we will bring our Canadian home phone number with us. Once we get our high speed internet hooked up, we simply plug in our ATA hardware (like we would back in Canada) and start receiving “local” calls from Canada. People have no idea that we’re not in Canada and they don’t have to pay long distances fees. As for us, we don’t have to pay for another home phone system in Mexico, calls to Canada are free (it’s as if it’s a local call) and the phone just rings like it normally does. Pretty cool huh!?

On the Road
The one feature that Yak Communications has that our old provider did not was the ability to make phone calls without our modem and/or access to the a modem. The X-lite software is available for Mac and Windows (including XP) allows us you to make phone calls from a hotel room, in the middle of the highway in a foreign country or anywhere that high speed internet is available. All you need is a computer and headset. There have been a handful of cases where we have needed this service (like the closing on our house) but we didn’t have a phone.

I understand that these last two set-ups might not be for everyone but regardless, VOIP is the easiest and most cost effective set-up there is for your home phone. So now that I have you all excited about saving money and being more portable, here’s how to get started.

How to Get Started?

  1. Call Yak Communications at 877-925-4925 and create an account,
  2. Complete and submit via email, fax or letter a 1-page Portability PDF Form,
  3. Pick a date to transfer. Allow 7-10 days after creating your account,
  4. Wait for your ATA hardware to arrive. Ours did within days,
  5. Plug it in on the agreed date and you’re ready!

Included in all the plans are 11 FREE features. A few of our favourites are; e911 service, unlimited local calling, call display and digital voicemail. All of the features have customizations that you can make at your leisure via your “My Account”.

Yak Home Phone Service-Features

Things to Remember

  • Wait a few days and then cancel your old service.
  • Save all the voice messages from your old phone system and change your message (your old one will not port over).
  • Notify Yak of the email address that you would like to receive electronic notifications of voice messages.
  • Change the time that your phone is displaying.*
  • Consider having an alternative method of making phone calls in case your internet or phone service provider is having issues.

Some of the other services that Yak Communications offers include; long distance, internet, home phone, cable, DSL packages and a Mobile app. One-stop shopping for all your media needs.

If you’ve been wanting to spend less on your home phone service then this is the time!

Connect with Yak / Distributel Website | Facebook | Twitter

* If your phone has a time feature, it will use the time from Yak Communication servers. Our server is somewhere in PST so it’s three hours behind us. Contact Yak and they will send over a simple 4-step process to change it to your time zone.

Journeys of The Zoo received compensation in exchange for sharing about this company.

Besos, The Zoo

75 thoughts on “Find Out How You Can Save Money with Yak Home Phone Service

  1. Tainan Lu

    With both Cable and DSL Internet Service covering 80% of the country, Yak has lots of options to help people surf and save. All with great Canadian customer service.

  2. Jennifer P.

    I learned that there are land line, mobile and travel card options available for long distance calls – I used Yak many, many years ago and thought it was just for home phone!

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  4. KellyPC

    I had no idea they offered a home phone service, we use YAK for long distance already but their home phone is pennies compared the the $60 we pay for our landline through Bell!

  5. michelle matta

    I dont need to consult the website because the last time a blog hosted a contest involving yak i signed up, and i didnt even win that contest 🙂 . I know their first month is half price and its very simple to get started. The phone service is excellent quality and anyone calling me agrees the sound is excellent. I love it.

  6. Natasha Severson

    There is an option for monthly long distance plans! As most of my family lives across country that is very important to me!

  7. Don R

    I love the saying ‘Un gouge yourself’ because that is how I feel every month I get a phone bill that is way too high!

  8. Krista M

    What I learned is you Keep the features and quality of the Home Phone service you’re used to with great savings. With Yak’s clear voice technology, your calls will be as clear as ever.

  9. Marlene V (Enelram)

    I found out that they serve over 1 million Canadian households with a mix of Home Phone, Long Distance and Internet products.

  10. Carla

    Yak offers contract-free Long Distance Calling. You get our low rates and we send you one easy-to-read bill for only what you use. It’s that easy.
    Best of all you can signup in 5 minutes. It’s time to #Ungouge.
    The details:


  11. maria

    Yak offers a variety of ways to save on long distance calling, no matter where you are or where you are calling. Home, Travel and Mobile long distance calling to destinations worldwide at a fair price with a provider you can trust. All contract-free.

  12. Clare I

    “Yak offers a variety of ways to save on long distance calling, no matter where you are or where you are calling. “

  13. Barb W

    With both Cable and DSL Internet Service covering 80% of the country, Yak has lots of options to help people surf and save. All with great Canadian customer service.

  14. Stephanie LaPlante

    I learned that Yak Communications is committed to providing exceptional and accessible service for its customers, per the requirements set out in regulation 429/07 of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).
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