Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nine Months Old

So my computer is still broken (and will stay that way until we get back from Mexico) and Ed has taken back the one of his that I was borrowing. It doesn’t matter much anyways because I no longer have time to blog, read emails or even eat for that matter.

Ed has been busy with work and I have been busy with two very busy kids who have decided that they no longer need to nap. Their three daily one hour (plus) naps are down to none or one for 30 minutes (max). When they’re awake, they are into everything. I’m exhausted.

For the past week, Max has been pretending that he’s a dragon. He sits and “growls” at things. When he’s not talking, he’s growling. For the past 5 days he’s been teething and I’ve had to give him some (homeopathic) treatment for it. Tooth “F” is fully in and “E” (the one causing the trouble) has broken through.

Artemis has both of her front teeth (and her two bottom teeth) and she loves to give full on smiles (I still don’t have any pictures of it yet). She still thinks that she’s a dog and regularly crawls around with things in her mouth.

Both of them have really started to play with each other. Hide and seek is a favourite as well as climbing all over each other and sucking each others fingers (kind of gross, however, they are only 9 months old). Speaking of which, they turned 9 months (adjusted) on Tuesday. Nanna always says that she forgets that they’re still babies (they seem so much older) and then they start sucking on her socked foot.

I’m sure that there’s so much more but Ed needs the computer back and I need to sleep. Besides, I’m too tired to remember. These kids sure are lucky that they’re so cute!

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