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Capture First Memories with Glow Baby Journals

glow baby first foods journalBaby brain makes you forget things.Baby brain makes you forget things (smile).

New parents are often pushed to their limits, with lack of rest, stress and an overwhelming sense of insecurity.

Glow Baby understands this and can help alleviate some of this pressure, especially in the early days.

By keeping adequate track of your baby’s activities with their journals, you can know when to seek help and when you and your baby are on the right track.

Piece of Mind is Only a Journal Entry Away.

Glow Baby is a Canadian company whose focus is providing unique and user-friendly scheduling tools for today’s busy parents. Glow Baby products are all about helping parents save time and reduce the stress of the day to day. Glow Baby Journals, Calendars and Lists help parents keep track of daily activities such as; feeding, sleeping, diapering, bathing, first foods by type, meal planning, family activities, general to do lists for daily tasks, groceries etc. All Glow Baby products are designed with both function and fashion in mind.

After the birth of my first daughter, my in-laws were visiting and helping with the supplemental feeding of formula. It would have been really handy for everyone involved to have an organized system like the “Baby’s First Journal” for recording feedings and diaper changes.

babys first journalThe journal is printed in Canada and contains over three months of pages. It can easily fit in a diaper bag or purse and is coil-bound so it lies flat when opened. A real convenience when writing with only one hand! I like that there is space to record both breast and bottle feeding as we’ve had to do a bit of both this time around as well.

Nursing mothers that are concerned about their food intake affecting baby’s stomach could also easily use the “notes” section on each page to track what they themselves eat, in order to identify any issues. I especially loved the checkbox for “vitamins” which I can never keep track of.

Things got really interesting last time when we introduced solid foods so I was excited to also get a chance to review the Baby’s First Foods journal.

babys first foods

The journal is laid out by food group (Grain, Veggie, Fruit, Protein, Dairy and Snack) and includes a sample page for suggested use. A parent or caregiver can track the foods tried, the texture, child’s reaction and any sensitivities. Again, there is space on each page for notes.

Another useful tool in our home are the meal planning and favourite recipes sections. They help with variety in my meals and ensure that I’m not forgetting any important foods. I’d find it useful to have a list of items we play to try so I’ll be adding that checklist to my journal.

Overall, I found both journals very helpful and easy to use. They would be a useful addition to any parents collection of baby-care tools, especially those that have low birth-weight (slow-growing) kids like The Zoo or ones with other caregivers. Knowledge transfer made easy with journals from Glow Baby!

Capture First Memories with Glow Baby Journals!

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46 thoughts on “Capture First Memories with Glow Baby Journals

  1. Nicky Hudelson

    Something like this would have been handy with my younger two children. I pumped for the twins, so they got breast milk for a short while but never latched on right after they got out of NICU with all of the oxygen and monitors. But my youngest 2… LOL! No problems! They never took bottles. EVER! And I had to watch what I ate cause some things I ate made them cranky. Never thought to actually keep notebooks to keep up with it. Great tip 🙂 Thought I would visit you back from “feeling the empty nest” May you have a blessed day:)

  2. Angie B

    I love Glow Baby products and have a few of them. I use their menu planner every day, and would love to have the memory book to keep my daughter's cards, art etc. in

  3. R. Chestnut

    I love Glow baby products I used the feeding book for my daughter. Kept me on track with her breastfeeding and eliminations. LOVE this product! I can't remember how many times I pulled this book out at the doctors office when discussing her weight. This kept the information accurate.

  4. cp

    I learned that glow baby is about so much more than just baby journals.. with meal plans , memory books and calenders to name a few. A great gifting website for moms to be.. and nana’s too..

  5. corey
    I learned about the Affiliate Program: You can start earning a revenue share on all orders from customers you send to Glow Baby. The first step is to register for our affiliate program. To help promote our products, you add a simple text link to your website. You will start earning commission for all customers who click through your link. You will also be able to monitor your success through our partner log in. It’s FREE to join.

  6. Lisa A.

    I love the Blue – My Story – A Book of Memories. What a lovely idea and their “little feet” logo just adds that extra sweetness. 🙂

  7. Amber Thompson

    I like the menu planning and the chore charts. I’ve been debating for awhile now buying a chore chart or making one. While I still think I need to make one for my son, that chart might be good for me to use! lol


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