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Never a Dull Moment at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo #Ottawa

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Does this guy look familiar? What about his crocodile (or is that an alligator)?If not, you must have missed our giveaway in April for a Family Pack of tickets to Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo.

If you did miss it, no worries because this time, you can win a Week for one child at Little Ray’s Zoo Camp in Ottawa!

Journeys of The Zoo has been fortunate enough to participate in this giveaway with your HOST Canadian Blog and Co-hosts Ottawa Mommy Club ~ Shannon’s View from Here AND ~ Tales of Mommyhood

Note that The Zoo has never been to Little Ray’s so we’ll let Sandi (from Canadian Blog House) let you know what it’s all about.

I love animals. As a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up (this is written in one of my old school books). I never did make it to “vet school”, however, my passion for animals remains the same. I especially love “critters”, animals that make many people a little (or a lot!) squeamish. I adore mice, rats, chinchillas, hedgehogs…and chameleons. In fact, the first real chameleon I ever saw was at one of my favourite zoos – Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo here in Ottawa, Canada. It was at Little Ray’s where I got to see a chameleon out of its cage and being hand fed. I found it fascinating to watch. Let me tell you, their tongues move at lightning speed!

If you have ever been to Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, you’ll know that one of their regular features is their feeding shows. These feeding shows allow the audience to sit up close and personal with various creatures, learn a bit about them, and watch them being fed. I’ve seen Little Ray’s staff feed snakes, turtles, chameleons… and even alligators! To enhance the “animal experience”, Little Ray’s even encourages the audience members to touch (and sometimes hold!) the animals. This is where I (the arachnophobe ) got my first chance to hold a tarantula. This is one thing I thought I would NEVER do. You can read more about Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in my previous blog about them here.

Did you know that Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo offers some fantastic programs and shows outside and away from their zoo?

Little Ray's coloured logo

One of these programs is their Little Ray’s Zoo Camp.

In 2013, Little Ray’s Zoo Camps are set to become their best camps ever. Kids attending the interactive camps will get a chance to learn about the care and maintenance of the animals, and so much more.

They will even get to learn about the plants and animals that live in the forests around Ottawa. For those of you living in the Ottawa area, but living far from the Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo location, they have added a second camp in conjunction with Dovercourt Rec Centre and the Midway – centrally located in Westboro.

By the way, for those of you living in the Hamilton, Ontario region, you are in luck! Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo has just opened it’s newest zoo on June 8th in Hamilton. Be sure to visit them! They have an opening month special – $9.50 per person from June 8-July 15th.

What young child wouldn’t love to spend a week learning all about great creatures and having the chance to interact with them? This camp sounds pretty fantastic to me! I wonder if Little Ray’s would allow this “big kid” to sneak into the camp.

Connect with Little Ray via their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

Never a Dull Moment at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo #Ottawa

Disclosure: Journeys of The Zoo did not receive any compensation in exchange for posting this giveaway.

The giveaway associated with this post has ended. Note that Journeys of The Zoo did NOT facilitate this giveaway. Check the Winners Page for details.

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4 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo #Ottawa

  1. Rene Beaubien

    When I was a kid we owned a cottage on what seemed like a remote island. We later moved there and it still seems a bit remote, but less so. I loved packing up the van and canoe and heading over for weeks at a time, sometimes with a friend in tow. Now that I am a parent myself I hope that my kids have friends who will take them away for a week of fun and sun – what a deal!

  2. Marion Scharf

    I used to go on a canoe trip through the Anglican Church in Ottawa with a group called Summer Adventurers. We would spend 1-2 weeks living off what we carried on our backs, canoeing and portaging from one spot to the next and camping in the middle of nowhere in Algonquin park or along the Madawaska/Mississippi. One year (I was probably 13 or 14) we ended up camping really close to the boys'

  3. Paula Schuck

    I have been to this guy’s show and yes all little kids love Little Ray and animals and reptiles. But a camp? Wow. I had no idea he had a camp! That’s kind of unique and cool.

  4. Anonymous

    this would be great for my granddaughter it would be very educational for her to learn about the wild animal in their habitat and it’s a great idea that they have a camp out there i wish they had more things for kids like this elsewhere


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